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About Our Firm

Serving our clients for 40 years

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At Herzog Kistner Shaw Financial Partners, we’re here to help you align your goals, motivations, and finances to achieve your personal definition of success. We partner with you to navigate life’s twists and turns. How these affect your finances can be confusing, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing you a simple, easy-to-follow plan to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.  

Our clients are at the core of everything we do. Our Senior Partners, Paul Herzog and Dennis Kistner, have built deep relationships with clients across the country for 40 years. These relationships have spanned generations, as we’ve watched families grow and change and are honored to help them along their path to success. Through good times and bad, we’ve always provided impactful, actionable advice, but most importantly we’ve been here as a shoulder to cry on, a friend to celebrate with, and an ear to listen.  


We formally established HKS Financial Partners at the end of 2017. Since our establishment, HKS has grown and developed a team of specialists who provide the highest level of expertise to meet and exceed our clients’ evolving needs. To us, delivering expert advice with integrity, trust, and reliability are at the foundation of our relationships. Above that, we hold ourselves to a higher standard; growing with our clients as their collaborator, ally, and friend. 

At HKS, we believe life is a journey. It’s our mission to establish life-long partnerships with each of our clients, providing the highest level of education and expertise to navigate their path to success.  

Herzog Kistner Shaw Financial Partners: Your Partners for Life! 


The foundation of all our partnerships. 


Throughout every stage of our clients' journey.


The driver behind all our actions and advice.


At the highest level through years of experience and continued education.



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