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Strategic Solutions

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“Ideas are yesterday, execution is today, and excellence will see you into tomorrow.”

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Creating a strategic plan is the first step, only by executing those strategies can we turn our aspirations into achievements. While most clients engage us to develop their plan, it is not a requirement. Some clients put their plan together themselves, or even engage other professionals.

It is our mission to help clients achieve financial success by implementing their strategic plan, regardless of how they developed it. Therefore, we give our clients ultimate flexibility in how they want to work with us by implementing expertly designed strategies to meet their needs. 

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Strategies include:

Basic Retirement, Estate, and Educational planning; Life, Disability, Long-Term Care, and Property & Casualty insurance planning; Investment consolidation and management 


Ideal for: 

Clients who have already developed their strategic plan, and are seeking professional help in developing, implementing, and monitoring specific strategies to meet their needs.  

Length of engagement: 

One time or ongoing.

While we prefer to develop deep relationships with clients and continue to monitor their strategies on an ongoing basis, we understand some clients prefer a more hands-off approach. They elect to contact us when they have a question or concern, much like you would your doctor. Either way, we are here to help. 


How we’re compensated: 

For ongoing investment management, we charge a quarterly fee on the assets we manage in a fiduciary, advice-based relationship. We do have some clients who opt for a commission-based account, where they are directing and monitoring their investment strategy, and come to us as a second opinion.

For insurance strategy implementation, we are paid a commission for the work we do in tailoring the strategy to achieve your goals.   

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