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Our Process

Our clients are at the center of everything we do, that's why our process starts with YOU.

Your situation is unique, shouldn't your plan be?

Throughout our planning process, we work with clients in two primary ways: 

Strategic Planning and Strategic Solutions

Most clients choose to work with us for both, but you are free to pick whichever way best fits your needs. After our initial consultation, we can recommend which engagement might be best for you. As your life changes, so will your finances. Because of that, many clients start with one engagement and add services as needed.

We developed our process to deliver each client tailored advice while maintaining a consistent, excellent experience.

Our process is broken down into six parts: 

Foundations: A review of your financial position will give you a better understanding of where you are right now. Working with us helps you determine if you're making the best choices when it comes to your balance sheet, cash flow and debt. Looking at all the current pieces of your financial life and how they fit together is the crucial first step in creating a plan for the rest of your life.

Risk Management: Under extraordinary circumstances, the best of intentions can be for naught. We analyze your situation and help you find ways to protect your plan from being derailed by unexpected curveballs. 

Wealth Accumulation: We review the various options available to you and suggest the best ways to get results. The goal is to help you maximize the potential return on your investments, taking into consideration financial objectives, time horizon and risk.

Six areas of planning with disclosure.JP

Tax Management: It's difficult to keep up with everchanging laws and determine how complex rules apply to your personal situation. It's our job to keep abreast of current regulations and work with your accountant or attorney to makes sure you're minimizing the long-term wealth erosion of taxes.

Retirement Planning: The earlier you begin planning, the more sound your financial future can be and you'll create more flexibility and freedom to choose the when, how and where of retirement. Even if you've already retired, you want to make sure the money you have accumulated continues to work for you. 

Estate Planning: Proper estate planning can help you to anticipate your future needs and pass on more of your wealth to who or what you care about most. It can take into consideration the special concerns of families with minor children, business owners who need to address succession planning, grandparents who'd like to help the grandkids go to college, or charitable causes you want to support. 

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